Northern Finland


KUUSAMA is designed with a sustainable approach and takes care of the whole lifespan of clothing. We use environmentally friendly fabrics. Our production processes are carefully thought out to minimize the carbon foot print. We do not want to harm employees, animals or environment.

KUUSAMA is by nature “slow fashion”. We use long lasting materials and our design is timeless yet with a twist in details.

Our mission is to provide clothes that make women feel empowered with a clear conscience.



We design with entire lifecycle in mind to attain full circularity, we prefer to use 100% materials rather than blends which are easier to recycle


Reduce the carbon footprint by using sustainable and ecological materials and producing locally to minimize the transport emissions


We create long lasting timeless pieces in good quality materials which can be worn for years and finally be resold


In the near future we will be creating long lasting pieces for rental

Northern Finland